Aeris Performance LP

The Aeris Performance LP combines compliance with a smooth transition, offering the ultimate combination of value and performance in a 100% carbon composite foot.

The foot utilises Compliant Composite Technology (CCT) within multiple springs to increase its range of flexibility. These springs comprise a nestled, parallel structure, giving the Aeris Performance LP a unique Advanced Energy Release (AER) pylon design. Independently, the springs act to provide a smooth, stable progression from heel strike to toe off. They then work together to release energy and create a dynamic transition from push-off to toe release.

The Aeris Performance LP is designed to exceed expectations for any low to moderate activity user.

Features and benefits

  • Compliant Composite Technology (CCT)
  • Advanced Energy Release (AER) pylon
  • Enhanced plantarflexion for stability at heel strike
  • Split pylon for increased multi-axial performance
  • Low-profile, maintenance-free design suits wide range of patients
  • Proven durability enhances patient confidence

Recommendations for use

The Aeris Performance LP is suitable for moderately active BK or AK amputees that would benefit from moderate energy return and increased early stability from enhanced plantarflexion.

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